Systems Engineering

Course code: AE3S01 [Old course]

Summary Grade: 8.9

The files below summarize the lectures of the Systems Engineering course.

  • Basic Systems Engineering concepts (477kb)
    This file is about some basic Systems Engineering concepts. What is Systems Engineering? What tools does it have? And what is a market?
  • System functions, requirements and resources (735kb)
    In this file, we look at the kind of functions systems can have. We also look at how requirements are generated, and how we should deal with resources.
  • Design generation and validation (267kb)
    How do we generate the design of a system? And how is it validated? The procedures for that are discussed in this file.
  • System risks, reliability and costs (447kb)
    How do we deal with risks? How reliable are systems? And what do systems cost anyway? That’s what we’ll look at in this file.
  • Systems Engineering practices (158kb)
    This file is about quite important Systems Engineering practices. How do we make documentation of projects? How do we apply concurrent engineering to projects? And how do we manage projects in general?
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Old Exams Grade: 7.3

Below are several old Systems Engineering exams. Some of them have solutions added as well, either made by a teacher or by a student.

House of Quality Tutorial Grade: 6.3

  • House of Quality Tutorial (200kb)
    This shockwave-file is a tutorial on the house of quality. It explains how it is built up, and what the use of each part is.

Handwritten Summary Grade: 6.5

  • Handwritten Summary (741kb)
    This file summarizes parts of the Systems Engineering course. (It is handwritten and scanned in.)


Handwritten Exam Notes Grade: 6.3

The files below are some handwritten notes on exams which I found somewhere. They can be considered as "solutions", though they're not exactly elaborate and far from complete.