Course code: AE3T11 [Old course]

Summary Grade: 7.7

The files below summarize the lectures of the sustainability course. I've tried to let the subjects of the summary flow over into each other. For this reason, the summary has a completely different order than the lectures.

By the way, you are allowed to bring any hand-written notes to your exam, but no printed ones. So if you want to bring this summary along to the exam, I wish you a lot of good luck with writing it over.

  • Planet Earth (73kb)
    We only have one planet. We should thus be careful with it. In this chapter, we're going to look at how our planet is doing.
  • Non-renewable energy (77kb)
    In this chapter, we're going to look at non-renewable energy. Where does it come from? And what are the consequences of using it?
  • Renewable energy (87kb)
    Now we switch to renewable energy. Where does that come from? And how do we gain as much as possible from it?
  • Projects for a better Earth (75kb)
    In this file, we look at several projects and initiatives, which may potentially turn our world into a better place.
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Formula Sheet Grade: 6.5

  • Formula Sheet (494kb)
    This one-sheet file contains all the important equations from the sustainability course. Learn it, and you should be fine for the calculation parts.

Worked-Out Lecture Notes Grade: 5

  • Worked-Out Lecture Notes (250kb)


    This file contains worked-out notes of the Sustainability lectures. Only lectures 2 to 6 have been worked out.

Lecture Notes Grade: 8.5

Several students attending the Sustainability course have made notes and scanned them in. You can find these notes below. By the way, the notes may be from different years. So you might encounter some topics that haven't been discussed.

Wind Turbine Technology Grade: 5.5

  • Wind Turbine Technology (1Mb)
    This file contains slides of a (non-TU-Delft) lecture on Wind Turbine Technology. Although it's officially not part of the Sustainability course, these slides do provide a nice insight into wind turbines.