Gas Turbines

Course code: AE3235 [Old course]

Summary Grade: 8

The files below form a summary of the reader of the Gas Turbines course. It may prove to be slightly more consistent and clear than the actual reader.

By the way, the subject of Aeroacoustics is not part of the reader. For that reason, it has not been put in the summary below. But it is part of the Gas Turbines course. So don't forget to study it.

  • Basics of gas turbines (488kb)
    In this first chapter, we’re going to look at the basics of gas turbines. What are they? When were they developed? How do they work? And how do we perform basic calculations?
  • Non-ideal gas turbines (246kb)
    Previously, we have considered an ideal gas turbine. But we don’t live in an ideal world. So now it's time to get rid of most of the simplifying assumptions.
  • Gas turbine types (192kb)
    Gas turbines can be used for many purposes. Therefore, different gas turbine types exist. In this chapter, we will examine a few.
  • The combustion chamber (238kb)
    The combustion chamber is the part where energy is inserted into the gas turbine. In this chapter, we’re going to examine it in detail.
  • Compressors and turbines (291kb)
    In this file, the compressor and the turbine will be examined. What kind of phenomena can occur in them?
  • Loads and materials (56kb)
    What types of loads and what materials are present in a gas turbine? That's exactly what we will look at in this file.
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Formula Sheet Grade: 8.9

The file below contains the most important formulas that need to be known for the gas turbines course. Study them well if you're going for the exam.