Flight Dynamics

Old course code: AE3302 - New course code: AE3202

Summary Grade: 7.2

The files below summarize the flight dynamics course.

  • Introduction (75kb)
    This file examines some ideas necessary to discuss flight dynamics. Mainly reference systems are discussed.
  • Deriving the equations of motion (74kb)
    The all-important equations of motion are derived in this file. How does an aircraft react to forces and moments?
  • Rewriting the equations of motion (96kb)
    After deriving the equations of motion, we now simplify them, and put them in a nice matrix form.
  • The aerodynamic center (129kb)
    In this chapter, we're going to focus on the aerodynamic center, and its effect on moment coefficients.
  • Examining an entire aircraft (111kb)
    It is time to investigate an entire aircraft. How do the various components of the aircraft influence each other?
  • Longitudinal stability derivatives (99kb)
    We have seen a lot of stability derivatives. In this chapter, we'll derive relations for the longitudinal ones.
  • Lateral stability derivatives (85kb)
    After finding the longitudinal stability derivatives, we now examine the lateral stability derivatives.
  • Longitundinal stability and control (104kb)
    When is the aircraft longitudinally stable? And what forces does the pilot need to exert, to control the aircraft?
  • Lateral stability and control (63kb)
    In this chapter, we'll look at how to control an aircraft in a non-symmetrical steady flight.
  • Aircraft modes of vibration (106kb)
    Finally, we will examine the modes of vibration of an aircraft. How will it behave in a dynamic situation?
Full Version

Approximate Solutions for the Equations of Motion Grade: 7.5

Did you ever wonder how to derive the equations of motion for the Phugoid, the Short Period motion, the Dutch Roll, and so on? This file explains it all in detail. (With fancy colors!)

Important Diagrams Grade: 6.8

This file describes the important diagrams that pass by in the Flight Dynamics course. Think of the elevator displacement/control force curves, the lateral stability diagram and such.

Old Exams Grade: 6.6

Below you can find a couple of old exams of the Flight Dynamics course.

Exercises Grade: 5.8

The file below contains a big amount of good and varied Flight Dynamics exercises. Answers are also included.