Dynamics and Stability

Course code: AE3914 [Old course]

Summary Grade: 7.6

The files below summarize the dynamics and stability course. The summary is based on the book of this course.

  • Basic concepts (76kb)
    Before we'll go into depth on dynamics and stability, we first examine some interesting basic concepts.
  • Lagrangian dynamics (91kb)
    In the Lagrangian dynamics, we examine energy by using generalized coordinates. That's what we'll do in this chapter too.
  • Stability theory (65kb)
    In this chapter, we'll investigate the effects of the equations of motion and the potential function on stability.
  • Rigid bodies (125kb)
    How do we deal with rigid bodies? And what relations apply to them? It's all discussed in this file.
  • Calculus of variations (79kb)
    What is the calculus of variations? And how do we apply it to dynamic problems? This file discusses it all.
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Lecture Summary Grade: 7.8

The file below also summarizes the dynamics and stability course. However, while the above summary is based on the book, this summary is based on the lectures.