Control Theory

Course code: AE3359 [Old course]

Summary Grade: 7.9

The files below summarize the Control Theory course.

  • Preliminary knowledge (85kb)
    Some basic stuff, like the definition of a system, and the Laplace transform, is discussed in this file.
  • Mathematically modelling systems (274kb)
    There are several ways to model systems. This file discusses three. It concludes with an interesting example.
  • Analyzing systems subject to basic inputs (90kb)
    Suppose we have some system subject to a basic input function. Will it converge? And if so, will it converge to the input? That's what this file is all about.
  • Root-locus plots (307kb)
    How do you draw root-locus plots? It is clearly explained in this file. Even two examples are included.
  • Analyzing frequency response (99kb)
    How do systems cope with periodic inputs? And what are Bode diagrams, Nyquist graphs and Nichols plots? Find it out here.
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