Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics

Course code: AE3030 [Old course]

Summary Grade: 7.1

The files below form a summary of the fluid part of the course (the first half). It contains about all of the important parts of the reader, plus a few extra explanations.
For those who are wondering: there is no summary present of the solid part of the course (the second half). I tried summarizing it, but the reader lacks too much clarity to ever be summarizible.

  • Approximations and their errors (71kb)
    What are Landau symbols? And how we can use them to describe errors? That's what this file is all about.
  • Hyperbolic and elliptic equations (136kb)
    What is the difference between hyperbolic and elliptic equations? And how can we solve them using finite-difference schemes? Let's find that out!
  • Time dependent problems (73kb)
    Numerical methods often differ from reality. In this file we ask ourselves, what happens to the errors as time progresses?
  • The panel method (72kb)
    What are source distributions? And what role do they play in the panel method? Read it here!
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Numerical Methods Book Grade: 7

Here's the book on Numerical Methods, written by Jain, Iyengar and Jain. It does not correspond very well with this course, but it might be helpful to look up stuff if you're stuck on a particular subject.

WikiCourse Grade: 7

Up on WikiCourses they have a course on Numerical Analysis. It discusses the basics of numerical methods pretty well. Feel free to check it out.