Course code: AE2125 [Old course]

Summary Grade: 7.2

The summaries below are summarized versions of the chapters of the book "Thermodynamics - An Engineering Approach". Each chapter of the summary corresponds to one chapter from the book.

  • Thermodynamics Definitions (47kb)
    Before we venture into the depths of thermodynamics, we first need to know what we want to study. And also how we call it. You can read about it in this file.
  • Energy (58kb)
    What kinds of energies are there? How do we calculate them? Find it out with this chapter.
  • Pure Substances (204kb)
    This chapter considers pure substances. How do the properties of these substances relate to each other? By the way, this is the most important chapter of the summary, so study it carefully.
  • Closed Systems (60kb)
    What is so special about close systems? And how do we deal with them? Find it out using this chapter.
  • Control Volumes (57kb)
    Instead of looking at a fixed amount of particles, we can also look at a fixed volume in space. How we do that is something this file is all about.
  • Heat-Work Transformations (55kb)
    Heat and work are both energies. But can you just change one to the other? Read about it in this final chapter.
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Old Exams Grade: 8.8

Below you can find an old exam of the Thermodynamics course. No solutions are attached.

Thermodynamics Notes Grade: 8.4

Below are course notes from the university on Thermodynamics and Fluids. The first file concerns mainly thermodynamics, whereas the second file mainly contains information on fluid flow. For this course, you probably only need the first file.

Book Solutions Grade: 7.8

When practicing thermodynamics questions from the "Thermodynamics - An Engineering Approach" book, you might just want to check your answers once in a while. You can do so with the files below.

Solutions to the Sixth Edition
Solutions to the Fifth Edition