Space Engineering 2

Course code: AE2S02 [Old course]

Summary Grade: 7

The summaries below quickly go through the most important parts of the Space Engineering 2 lecture material. They are, however, not finished. Only the first half is present.

  • Space Structures (50kb)
    What things are important when designing a spacecraft structure? Read it here.
  • Thermal Control (61kb)
    How is the temperature in a spacecraft controlled? You can find it in this file.
  • Attitude Determination & Control (70kb)
    This chapter is all about the position and orientation of spacecrafts.
  • Electrical Power Subsystem (65kb)
    How do we get electrical power in a spacecraft? And how is it controlled? Read it here.
  • TT&C and C&DH (49kb)
    What are commands? How many bits are needed to send one? And how can we convert an analog signal? The answers are in this file.
  • Telecommunications (76kb)
    This chapter is all about telecommunications. How do we send messages? And how much power do we need for that?
Full Version

Space Tests Grade: 7

Several tests and feedback tests of previous years have been assembled and put together in this file. These questions are often repeated in actual exams, so it will be worth while to read it through.

  • Space Engineering 2 Tests (628kb)
    This file contains the Space Engineering 2 tests. The answers have been included, but they are NOT all correct. Roughly 85% of the answers is correct.
  • Space Engineering 2 Feedback Tests (482kb)
    This file contains the Space Engineering 2 Feedback Tests. The answers included here are all correct.


Workbook Solutions Grade: 8.4

Some people feel like working out the entire Space Engineering 2 Workbook. The results of their work can be found in the files below. They're pretty big, so I would ask you not to download them too often, or my data traffic will explode. (Just save them on your hard disk if you often need them.)

Index Grade: 6.7

In a previous year, an index was made about Space Engineering. It gives an overview which data can be found where. Although the readers have changed slightly, it should still be quite accurate and helpful.

Old Exam Index Grade: 9.6

During the Space Engineering 2 exam, you can bring old exams with you. (This is definitely advisable, since exams are often similar.) To find the right old exam, you can use this index. For all subjects, it shows which old exam questions were about it.

Formularium Grade: 5.8

  • Space Formularium (301kb) (Word file)
    An enthusiastic fellow student send me this Space Engineering Formularium. It contains all the equations you need to know.

List of Acronyms Grade: 6.7

  • List of Acronyms (70kb) (Word file)
    Have you always been wondering what all those acronyms stood for? This space-related list of acronyms, made by another student, might help you out.