Probability and Statistics

Old course code: AE2E01 - New course code: AE2107

Example Exams Grade: 9.4

I've worked out two old Probability Theory exams. You can find the exams (with and without solutions) below. I recommend you to try the version without solutions first.

Example Question Grade: 7

This is just a small probability theory example question with attached solution.

Summary Grade: 5.9

You can find the probability summary below. It contains the most important parts of the reader. Do note that this summary was written for the old probability course.

  • Basic Concepts (57kb)
    Some basic concepts, like set theory and basic probability theory, are explained in this file.
  • Random Variables And Distribution (91kb)
    What are random variables? And what kind of distribution functions exist? Read it here.
  • Multiple Random Variables (80kb)
    What should we do if we have more random variables? How can we check whether they depend on each other? Find it out using this file.
  • Transformations (107kb)
    We can transform and combine random variables into other random variables. This chapter describes how it works.
  • Estimation (82kb)
    When we don't know everything about random variables, we have to estimate things. Read more about estimation here.
  • Hypothesis Tests (81kb)
    When you need to decide between different variables, you use hypothesis tests. Care to find out what testing methods there are?
Full Version

Example Exams (Handwritten) Grade: 3.8

I've recieved two handwritten files containing workouts of probability exams. They both mainly cover the exams of 2005 and 2006. However, not all questions are worked out. And there are a few minor errors in the files as well.