Earth Observation

Course code: AE2E02 [Old course]

Summary (Facts and Theory) Grade: 7.3

The file below summarizes the Earth Observation course. It mostly focusses on facts and theory, rather than equations. Since Earth Observation is mostly about theory, this summary will be really helpful when studying for this course.


Summary (Equations) Grade: 5.2

This summary was once uploaded to the Discussion Board on Blackboard of the 2007 Earth Observation course. Since most people don't look at that discussion board anymore, the summary has been put here. This summary, however, focusses on equations. The focus of the Earth Observation exam however lies more on the theory. So don't only study this summary.

Old Exams Grade: 8.8

I have recieved several old Earth Observation exams. You can find them below. Note that, since 2007, the exam consists of open questions. Before that there were multiple choice exams.

CFSM MatLab Introduction Grade: 7.5

During the Earth Observation course, you have to do quite some things with MatLab. Strangely enough they don't offer a MatLab introduction. However, other course do. The file below is the MatLab introduction of the CFSM course.

Flight Dynamics MatLab Introduction Grade: 7.5

The file below is the manual of the Flight Dynamics practical. It contains a MatLab introduction. (It starts on page 7.) You might find it helpful.