Differential Equations

Course code: WI2029LR [Old & new course]

Problem Solving Guide Grade: 9.5

Having trouble solving a particular type of exam problem? Maybe this problem solving guide will help you out.

Summary Grade: 7.2

This is a differential equations summary focusing on getting a basic understanding of differential equations. While the problem solving guide might tell you how to solve problems, this summary will tell you why it works.

Summary Grade: 8

This is the differential equations summary made within the Aerostudents format.

Hand-written Summary Grade: 8.2

This file contains a hand-written summary on differential equations. It is much more short and concise than the other files, but it does capture the most important points.

Exam Problems and Solutions Grade: 9.5

For the differential equations study days I've solved and worked out quite some exam problems. You can find it all in the file below. I would advise you to use the problem-only file first and try to solve the problems yourself. If you can't find the solutions, consult the solution file.

Formula Sheet Grade: 8.9

  • Differential Equations Formula Sheet (218kb)
    It's nice to know which equations you need to learn and which ones you don't. On your exam you get this formula sheet. You should study all the other equations (that are not on this sheet).

Lectures Grade: 7.1

A few years ago, the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has recorded differential equations lectures and put them online. Their study material is very similar to ours, so we might benefit from those lectures as well. They can be viewed at:
(It often may take a while to load the lectures, so be patient.)

Book Solutions Grade: 6.8

Looking for book solutions? First check which edition of the book you have. Solutions for the eigth edition can be found below. Got the ninth edition already? Then you might want to check out: