Aircraft Performance 2

Course code: AE2202 [Old course]

Formula Overview Grade: 7.9

  • Aircraft Performance 2 Formula Overview (69kb)


    This file contains the most important Aircraft Performance 2 equations. You can use this file during the last hours before an exam. But make sure you also know how the equations are derived.

Summary Grade: 7.3

The summaries below contain the data that was treated during the performance lectures.

  • Cruise Flight (125kb)
    What strategy should you use to fly as optimal as possible during cruise flight? Read it here.
  • Take-Off (158kb)
    This chapter is all about the take-off. What are the procedures? And how much runway do you need?
  • Climbing Flight (63kb)
    After take-off you need to climb. How do you do this as fast as possible? You can find the answer in this file.
  • Landing (166kb)
    Getting up in the air is one thing. Landing is something else. What is the procedure? And how can be stop as soon as possible?
  • Coordinate Systems (66kb)
    This chapter is about the coordinate systems from which you can examine aircrafts. The general equations of motion are derived here.
  • Effects of Wind (99kb)
    What effect does wind have on aircrafts? Read here why you need to take off, climb and land with headwind.
  • Turning Flight (61kb)
    How can we turn an aircraft, without it falling to the ground? And how fast can we do this? Read it in this file.
  • Helicopters (148kb)
    What do helicopters do to hover? How much power do they use? And what do you do if the engine fails? Find the answers in this chapter.
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