Aerodynamics C

Course code: AE2125 [Old course]

Summary Grade: 7.5

The summaries below contain definitions and derivations of important equations.

  • Basic Concepts (64kb)
    This file contains some basic concepts concerning compressible flows.
  • Normal Shock Waves (124kb)
    What is a normal shock wave? And how does the flow behave when it passes through one? This file explains it all.
  • Oblique Shock Waves (195kb)
    There are more kinds of shock waves than just normal ones. A very important one is the oblique shock wave. But this chapter also briefly considers other types of shock waves.
  • Flow Through Wind Tunnels (71kb)
    What happens if we put a supersonic flow in a nozzle? And how should we build wind tunnels? Find it out here.
  • Subsonic Compressible Flow Over Airfoils (78kb)
    In this chapter we consider compressible subsonic flow over airfoils.
  • Supersonic Flow Over Airfoils (51kb)
    In this final chapter, some attention is given to supersonic flow over airfoils.
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Example Exams Grade: 7.9

I've worked out two exams (January 2005 and June 2008) plus a set of thermodynamics example problems. You can find the exams (with and without solutions) below. I recommend you to try the versions without solutions first.

Teacher Exams Grade: 4.6

The files below contain the workouts of the exam of August 2008, made by the teachers. Since the exams are made by the teachers, there might be a slight difference between the quality of the work-outs above and below. I think you can find out for yourself which one is better.

  • Exam June 2010 Problems (206kb)
    This file contains the June 2010 Aero C exam. (The Aero C part only. So not the thermo part.)
  • Exam June 2010 Answers (4Mb)
    This file contains the solutions to the June 2010 Aero C exam, as made by the teacher.
  • Exam January 2009 and March 2009 (288kb)
    This file contains the January 2009 Aero C exam. It also contains the thermodynamics exam of March 2009. And next to this, solutions are attached for a part of the thermodynamics exam.
  • Exam August 2008 Problems (118kb)
    This file contains the August 2008 exam. The notes added by the teacher in pen indicate the rewardings of the points.
  • Exam August 2008 Solutions (Part 1) (316kb)
    This file contains pages 1-9 of the solutions.
  • Exam August 2008 Solutions (Part 2) (282kb)
    This file contains pages 4a-9a of the solutions. (Yes, page 4a is between 4 and 5, 5a is between 5 and 6, and so on. Just to make it easy....)

Worked Out Exams Grade: 5.5

Here are some more worked out exams. This time, the solutions are made by a student.

  • Exam June 2010 (206kb)
    This file contains the June 2010 Aero C exam. (The Aero C part only. So not the thermo part.)
  • Exam June 2010 Solutions (1.1Mb)
    This file contains worked-out solutions of the June 2010 Aero C exam.

Book Solutions Grade: 7.8

There are many equations in Aerodynamics. But how to use them often remains the question. Find it out with the solutions to the book problems.