Aerodynamics 1

Course code: AE2102 [New course]

Formula Overview Grade: 7.2

  • Aerodynamics 1 Formula Overview (68kb)
    This file contains the most important Aerodynamics 1 equations. Learn them by heart, but do make sure you know under what conditions they can be applied.

Summary Grade: 8

The summaries below contain definitions and derivations of important equations.

  • Basic Concepts (51kb)
    This file contains some basic mathematical concepts needed to derive various equations.
  • Navier-Stokes Equations (86kb)
    The Navier-Stokes Equations, consisting of the Continuity Equation, the Momentum Equation and the Energy Equation, and their derivations can be found in this file.
  • Aerodynamics Lines and Equations (56kb)
    Things like stream lines, path lines, vorticities, circulations, stream functions and velocity potentials are discussed in this file.
  • Basics of Inviscid Incompressible Flows (63kb)
    A short introduction is given on inviscid incompressible flows. Also the validity of Laplace's equation for the velocity potential and the stream function is shown.
  • Elementary Flows (56kb)
    How do uniform flows, sources, sinks, doublets and vortex flows work? And what formulas apply to them? You can find it here.
  • Basic Applications of Elementary Flows (62kb)
    How can we apply the elementary flows to get some basic shapes? Flows over cylinders and spheres and the source panel method are discussed.
  • Two-Dimensional Airfoils (122kb)
    What is a vortex sheet? And how can we use it to model 2-dimensional thin airfoils? It is treated in the 5 pages this file contains.
  • Three-Dimensional Wings (79kb)
    Using vortex filaments, or (to be more precise) horseshoe vortices, to model induced drag on three-dimensional wings is a nice method. How it works can be found in these pages.
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Book Solutions Grade: 7.8

There are many equations in Aerodynamics. But how to use them often remains the question. Find it out with the solutions to the book problems.