Systems Theory

Course code: WI2056LR

Summary Grade: 7.8

The files below contain a summary of the Systems Theory course. They summarize the required parts from the Mathetmatical Systems Theory book.

  • Linear systems theory (92kb)
    How does linear systems theory work? And how do we turn nonlinear systems into linear ones? Find it out here.
  • System properties (89kb)
    We can characterize systems according to stability, controllability and observability. The meanings of these concepts are all treated in this chapter.
  • Feedback control (69kb)
    When are systems stabilizable or detectable? And how do we stabilize systems? That is treated in this chapter.
  • Transfer functions (147kb)
    This chapter is all about transfer functions? What are they? What properties do they have? And how do we transform a transfer function to a state space representation?
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