Stochastic Aerospace Systems

Course code: AE4304

This page was formerly known as Atmospheric Flight Dynamics. Some of the files may still carry that title.

Example Exams Grade: 7.5

I've worked out two old exams for this course. You can find them below (with and without solutions). I recommend you to try the versions without solutions first.

Old Exams Grade: 7

These are some old exams for the Stochastic Aerospace Systems course. Some of them are so old that they're still in Dutch.

Summary Grade: 7

The files below contain a summary of the atmospheric flight dynamics reader. (This course was once called "Atmospheric Flight Dynamics".) The chapters below correspond to chapters 2 to 8 of the reader, respectively. (Chapter 9 of the reader hasn't been summarized, since there wasn't much new stuff in it. But that chapter does have some interesting Matlab examples, so it might be worthwhile to look at it yourself for the practical.)

Full Version

Formula Page Grade: 7

This is the formula page of the Stochastic Aerospace Systems. It's available to all students, but if you want to look stuff up, you can also find it here.