Knowledge-Based Control Systems

Course code: SC4081

Summary Grade: 7.8

The files below summarize the reader of the Knowledge-Based Control Systems course.

  • Introduction to fuzzy sets (78kb)
    What are fuzzy sets? And how do they work? That's what this chapter is all about.
  • Fuzzy models (102kb)
    With what models can we set up a fuzzy system? And how do those models work? Read it here.
  • Fuzzy clustering (90kb)
    This chapter is about fuzzy clustering: how do we divide objects into fuzzy clusters?
  • Building fuzzy systems and controllers (72kb)
    What steps do we need to take to build fuzzy systems and controllers? This chapter discusses it.
  • Artificial neural networks (72kb)
    This chapter discusses the working principles of artificial neural networks. How can they be trained?
  • Control using knowledge-based models (83kb)
    How can we use a knowledge-based model of a system to control the system? Read it here.
  • Reinforcement learning (86kb)
    In this chapter, we examine how reinforcement learning works, and how it should be applied to control problems.
  • Swarm intelligence (64kb)
    How can swarms of simple beings be intelligent? This chapter discusses how swarm intelligence works.
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