Human-Machine Systems

Course code: AE4316

Summary Grade: 7.5

The files below summarize the lecture slides of the Human-Machine Systems course.

  • Basics of human-machine interaction (42kb)
    This file tells you about the history and the basic principles of human-machine interaction.
  • Modeling humans (67kb)
    When examining humans, it is a good start to try and model them. This file looks at several ways to do this.
  • The neuromuscular and vestibular system (65kb)
    How do muscles work? And what are force-feedback systems? This chapter discusses it.
  • The visual system (55kb)
    This file concerns the visual system. How do our eyes work? And how do we use this data to improve display design?
  • Human performance (43kb)
    How well can humans do at supervising machines? And what kind of errors do humans make? Read about it here.
  • Using models to improve display design (55kb)
    How do we model systems? And how do we use this to ecologically design displays? This chapter explains it.
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Example Exams Grade: 7.8

There are a few old exams available for this course. (I've even worked out one of them.) Check them out below.