Course code: AE4393

Summary Grade: 5.3

The files below contain a summary of the Avionics course.

  • Basic avionics (70kb)
    What is the history of avionics? And what basic avionics systems are there? These questions are discussed in this file.
  • Determining your orientation (77kb)
    This file is all about orientation. How exactly can we determine our orientation?
  • Navigation basics and inertial navigation (82kb)
    How do we measure our position? And how can we find it by using inertial systems? That's what this file is all about.
  • Radio based navigation techniques (154kb)
    How can we use radio signals to navigate airplanes? Find it out by reading this chapter.
  • How avionics can assist pilots (165kb)
    The main goal of avionics is to assist the pilots in flying the aircraft. In this file, you can read how that is achieved.
  • Controlling air traffic (68kb)
    Which instances control air traffic? And what systems do they use for it? Read it in this chapter.
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List of Acronyms Grade: 6

The file below contains a list of all acronyms used in the Avionics course. It might be worthwhile to study it for the exam.

Inertial Navigation Systems Lecture Slides Grade: 5.3

Below are lecture slides about Inertial Navigation Systems. They're from the Tampere University of Technology, but they just might help us Delftians out too.

Exam solutions Grade: 6.8

Several students have worked out (parts of) exams. The results can be found below.

Old Exams Grade: 7.5

Below you can find some old Avionics exams.