Welcome at the Aerostudents website. This website is made to help Aerospace Engineering students with their studies. It started as a community of students at the TU Delft, but it has grown into a worldwide community of students helping each other by writing and contributing useful files.


  • Tuesday 22-4 - Aerospace Design and Systems Engineering Elements 1
    I just received a very well made summary for the first-year ADSEE course. Be sure to check it out if you're following this course.
  • Thursday 17-4 - Introduction to Aerospace Engineering
    Several students have worked together to set up a solution manual for exams of the Introduction to Aerospace Engineering course. Great job! The files are now found on the corresponding page.
  • Wednesday 16-4 - Design and Construction
    The technical writing skills reader has been uploaded, should you ever forget to bring it to the course. (Thanks for sending it in!)
  • Thursday 30-1 - Value Engineering and Operations Optimisation
    I received some carefully written down notes on the Value Engineering course. (Thanks!) Since there are no lecture slides for some parts of the course, these can come in handy when you've missed a lecture or can't figure out your own notes.