Welcome at the Aerostudents website. This website is made to help Aerospace Engineering students with their studies. It started as a community of students at the TU Delft, but it has grown into a worldwide community of students helping each other by writing and contributing useful files.

Fun reading

Do you ever read fantasy/sci-fi books? Well, I like them too. My name is Hildo, I've written nearly all of the summaries on this website, and now I've just released a novel too. Support me (and indirectly this website) and order it through the publisher AuthorHouse, through Amazon (e-book) or other ways. Once you've read it, feel free to drop me a note with your thoughts about it.


  • Saturday 29-8 - Stress E-book
    I just heard about a nice resource on Stress/Structural Analysis: the stress e-book. It seems a bit commercial, but it has some nice free parts as well. So for those interested in stress analysis, it's worth while to have a look at it.
  • Saturday 15-8 - Engineering Drawing
    One of the engineers at Rolls Royce recommended me to upload a Manual of Engineering Drawing for the ED course. So there it is! It's more in-depth than the course itself, but it serves really well as reference material.
  • Thursday 16-4 - Ethics
    A ton of old exams for the Ethics course have been uploaded. (Thanks for sending them in!) If you want to know what kind of questions are being asked, now you can figure it out.
  • Thursday 29-1 - Ethics
    A summary of terms used in the ethics course has been uploaded. Not sure what something means? Now you can look it up!