Welcome at the Aerostudents website. This website is made to help Aerospace Engineering students with their studies. It started as a community of students at the TU Delft, but it has grown into a worldwide community of students helping each other by writing and contributing useful files.

Fun reading

Do you ever read fantasy/sci-fi books? Well, I like them too. My name is Hildo, I've written nearly all of the summaries on this website, and now I've just released a novel too. Support me (and indirectly this website) and order it through the publisher AuthorHouse, through Amazon (e-book) or other ways. Once you've read it, feel free to drop me a note with your thoughts about it.


  • Thursday 19-5 - Introduction to Aerospace Engineering
    A new summary with all equations and derivations has been uploaded.
  • Thursday 28-1 - Ethics
    The exam of January 2015 of the Ethics course has been added to the collection of exams.
  • Tuesday 26-1 - Human-Machine Systems
    The exam of January 2016 (given yesterday) has been uploaded to the website. It does not have any answers given, but if you want to make a worked-out version of the exam, feel free to send it in and I'll put it online too.
  • Thursday 21-1 - Airline Planning and Operations
    I just received an amazing and very complete summary of the Airline Planning and Operations course. There are even two versions: the summary and the summarized (condensed) version of the summary. (I love that idea.) Check it out if you're following the course.