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  • Question 1 - I have a file that some people might find helpful. Can I place it on this website?
  • Question 2 - I detected an error in one of the files on this website. What should I do?
  • Question 3 - I'd love to see a certain file/summary on this website. Can I request it?
  • Question 4 - Where do all the summaries on this website come from?
  • Question 5 - May I print the summaries on this website, put them on my own website, and such?


  • Question 1 - What can you do with an account?
  • Question 2 - Does making an account, or anything else on this website, cost anything?
  • Question 3 - When I sign up, what happens to my data?
  • Question 4 - When logging in, I checked the checkbox to automatically log me in. Can I undo this?
  • Question 5 - I've forgotten my password. How can I get it back?
  • Question 6 - I've forgotten my username. What should I do?
  • Question 7 - I've forgotten both my username and my email address. What should I do?
  • Question 8 - I want to change the email address I entered when I signed up. How do I do this?
  • Question 9 - I want to delete my Aerostudents account. How do I do this?


  • Question 1 - I've got a question about a course. Where can I ask it?
  • Question 2 - There's a certain course I just can't get a hang on. Can you help me?
  • Question 3 - There is this lecturer who sucks at teaching. Can't you do something about that?