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Signing up for the Exams Via OSIRIS

As you may know, the registration for the exams in period 4 should be done through OSIRIS and not through TAS! Registration for education, practical work etc. will not be affected for the time being.

There is a video on OSIRIS explaining how to register for a test.

Registration through OSIRIS can be done only from the 26th of April.

Sign up for your exams!

This is a reminder for everyone who hasn't done so just yet: Sign up for your exams! You should already know which exams you're planning to do. So, there's no excuse for not signing up right now. Every examination week there are a few students who have forgotten it. And that's just a complete waste of time and effort....

If you haven't signed up yet, go to http://www.tas.tudelft.nl/ now.

TAS will be open from Friday (March 26) up and until Sunday (March 28, 24.00hrs).