About This Website


The origins

In september 2006 a new group of first-year students enthusiasticly started studying at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering. One particular student had the habit of making notes of lectures and working them out on the computer. It took less than a week before this got known by the other students, who eagerly wanted the lecture notes. To prevent having to send a lot of files around, this student made a website and put his lecture notes on it. The Aerostudents website was born.

The word about the Aerostudents website spread around, and quickly almost all first-year students and quite some older students knew about it. As the year progressed, more lecture notes came online, which gradually turned into summaries and problem solving strategies. And not only the creator of the website was uploading summaries. Also other students started contributing to this website, making it truly a website of every student. And that's what the Aerostudents website still is today: a website by students for students.

What can you find here?


This website contains a lot of summaries about the courses given at the faculty of aerospace engineering. The subjects are ordered per year in which they're taught. The menu above can be used to navigate through all the courses.

But this website contains more than just files. There is a lot of other info on this website, such as a complete Study Guide. Having trouble studying? Then it might be wise to read it sometimes.

You can also create an account. With this account you can access the forum, post questions about every subject and help answer other's questions. Having an account also provides various other benefits, and by using the automatic logging feature it doesn't even cost much time.

What do we do?

We don't just help students by building summaries. There is a lot more that we do. First of all, we have an opinion: Students need to have a place where they can ask for help if they need it. For most subjects such places are already present. But when students had trouble with certain courses, there was no place they could turn to, until the Aerostudents website came online. In case you have a question about any course, you can contact us, and we do the best we can to provide you with a satisfactory answer.

But sometimes it occurs that multiple people have the same problems. In that case we often tend to be lazy and try to help all people simultaneously. We occasionally organize study days for certain courses. In such courses all important course material is briefly discussed, after which there is time to practice exam problems and ask questions. In case such a study day seems helpful to you, please let us know, so we can see if more people are interested. If so, we try to organize a study day.