Sustainable Development

Course code: AE1105 [New course]

Formula Sheet Grade: 7.3

This formula sheet contains all the important formulas for the Sustainable Development course on a single page. Very convenient when studying for your exams.

Feeling for Numbers Grade: 6.8

The file below contains all numbers and other data that are needed for so-called "on the back of a napkin" calculations in the Sustainable Development course. If you have ever wanted to look smart on a party by throwing in some interesting calculations, or if you just want to pass your Sustainable Development course, then study it carefully.

Wind Energy Notes Grade: 6.5

The file below contains hand-written notes on Wind Energy, made during the course lectures.


Sustainable Development Hint Grade: 7.5

In the old Bsc curriculum, in the third year, a course on Sustainability was taught. This course is very similar to the Sustainable Development course. (Although there are some differences.) It might therefore be worthwhile to check out the page on the third-year Sustainability course.