Old course code: AE1-914 I - New course code: AE1103

Formula Sheet Grade: 6.4

The file below contains a complete overview of all the equation that are discussed during statics. Although it doesn't mention how you should apply them, it could still proof to be very useful.

Problem Solving Strategy Grade: 6.5

The files below contain a problem solving strategy, including a lot of hints, tips and trick. It consists of nine seperate chapters.

  • Solving a problem in 7 steps (53kb)
    Hints of how to solve any basic Statics problem. Of course there isn't one method to solve all Statics problems, but this chapter might be able to help anyway.
  • How to handle 3D problems (40kb)
    3D problems are often difficult, especially because they're hard to draw. Also the rules are slightly different in 2D than in 3D. It is all explained in this chapter.
  • Truss structures and frames (42kb)
    Things that are wise to do, and things that you absolutely shouldn't do when solving a truss problem are all mentioned in this chapter.
  • Using signs: always a difficult thing (49kb)
    There are only 2 options, + or -. Yet which one to choose is often a riddle even the best students often fear. A method which might just eliminate those fears is described in this chapter.
  • Distributed Loads (41kb)
    Distributed loads can be very easy, as long as you know how to handle them. And that's exactly what this chapter explains.
  • Sections (25kb)
    How do you find the normal force, shear force and bending moment at a given point? It's not that hard, once you find a method that suits you. And it might just be the method described in this chapter.
  • Diagrams (33kb)
    A bit similar to the previous chapter, but this time we're going to find the normal force, shear force and bending moment of the entire structure. Once more a method is explained how to find the diagrams.
  • Virtual Work (38kb)
    Some students find it useless, but it's still often a part of the exam. This chapter contains a step by step guide through the process of deriving the virtual work equation, and solving it.
  • Cables and pressure vessels (37kb)
    And eventually comes cables and pressure vessels, possibly one of the most difficult subjects of Statics. What tricks can you use to solve the problems, and what laws apply? It can all be found in this last chapter.
Full Version

There have been a few complains about the correctness of the data presented in these files, especially since I sometimes use different conventions than the book does. I therefore want to emphasize that these files are here to help you find a method with which you can solve problems. If you find you already have a good method of solving certain types of Statics problems, I urge you to use your own method.

Definitions Grade: 7

There are a few things in statics which aren't pure logical. Those 'facts' are noted below. Read them carefully.

Hartsuiker & Welleman Book Grade: 7

Here you find the chapters of the book Engineering Mechanics - Equilibrium by Hartsuiker & Welleman.

Hartsuiker & Welleman Book Solutions Grade: 4.4

In the link below, you can find most of the solutions to the book Engineering Mechanics - Equilibrium by Hartsuiker & Welleman.