Space Engineering

Course code: AE1-801 [Old course]

The first-year subject Space Engineering consists of two parts. One in the first half of the first semester. One in the second half of the second semester.

Lecture Recordings Grade: 6.3

  • Space Engineering 1 lecture recordings
    In a previous year, the lectures of Space Engineering 1 have been recorded on video. These "Collegerama" videos can be found by using the link above.

Period 1 - Summary Grade: 6.1

  • Space Engineering Summary - Period 1 (88kb)
    This summary contains most data handled during the Space Engineering lectures of the first semester.


Not all important data has been put in the summary above. A few calculations are not present in this summary, but should be known. However, those parts are explained clearly in the reader. You can recognize the calculation examples by the fact that the pages they're written on don't look like lecture slides.

Period 2 - Summary Grade: 6.9

  • Space Engineering Summary - Period 2 (318kb)
    This summary contains all data handled during the Space Engineering lectures of the second semester. It also includes a full example of a travel to Mars, with all the necessary calculations.

Period 2 - Old Exams Grade: 7.3

There are several old exams online for this course. We also have one old exam with attached solutions.

Course Information and Example Problems Grade: 6.3

The file below is an old file, once made by the teacher of the Space Engineering course. (Some of the information may therefore not be applicable anymore.) But that doesn't make it less useful. It contains a lot of stuff. Information about the course, in-class problems, example problems, old examinations (with short answers) and quite a bit more.