Course code: AE1104 & AE1204 [New course]

Physics 1 Formula Overview Grade: 6.4

Looking for a physics 1 equation? Then it's bound to be in the formula overview below. It contains all relevant physics 1 equations.

Physics 2 Formula Sheet Grade: 7


This is the formula sheet for the physics 2 course. For your exam, it's important that you know how to apply each of the formulas mentioned in this sheet.

Physics 1 Summary Grade: 7.3

The file below contains all the summaries that are at the end of the chapters in the book. It prevents you from carrying the book with you all the time, and from turning over a lot of pages.

Physics 1 True/False Quiz Grade: 7.5

Want to know whether you're ready for the Physics 1 exam? Try this True/False quiz first. It's an Excel file in which you can very easily test yourself.

Physics 1 Nomenclature Grade: 7.8

Don't you know what one of the thermodynamics symbols/acronyms stands for? The file below contains meanings of all the symbols.

Physics 1 hint Grade: 7

It appears that the new Physics 1 course is very similar to the old second-year Thermodynamics course. So, it might be worth while to check out the summary of that course. And next to that, there are also some thermodynamics example problems on the old second-year Aerodynamics C course. So, you can check these out as well.

Physics Book Solutions Grade: 7

Below are the solutions to the Physics for Scientists and Engineers book (fourth edition). Only the chapters shown below are available here.

Thermodynamics - Book Solutions Grade: 8

When practicing thermodynamics questions from the "Thermodynamics - An Engineering Approach" book, you might just want to check your answers once in a while. You can do so with the files below.

Solutions to the Sixth Edition
Solutions to the Fifth Edition