Mechanics of Materials

Course code: AE1-914 III [Old course]

Formula Overview Grade: 6.5

Instruction Website Grade: 6.5

  • Instruction Website


    On this website, they interactively teach you all the concepts of Mechanics of Materials, step by step.

Summary Grade: 7.9

The files below contain a summary of the Mechanics of Materials course. A lot of pictures are present to clarify most of the ideas.

  • Stresses and Strains (155kb)
    This chapter introduces the basics of mechanics of materials. What is stress and what is strain?
  • Thermal Effects and Prestress (107kb)
    What happens when we heat a rod? And how can we prestress a cable? Read it here.
  • Mechanics of Materials Theory (137kb)
    This file covers some background information. You need it for the later chapters.
  • Normal Forces and Bending Moments (144kb)
    In what ways can we cause normal stress? And how does it vary throught the beam? Find it out with this chapter.
  • Shear Stress and Shear Flow (168kb)
    How is the shear stress distributed over the cross-section? And what is shear flow? It's all explained in this file.
  • Torsion (84kb)
    This chapter discusses torsion. What equations do we have? And how do we use them?
  • Bending Deflection (147kb)
    One of the most difficult parts of mechanics of materials is bending deflection. How do beams move? Discover the secrets behind it.
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Lecture Notes Grade: 4.7

Several persons made notes of the MoM lectures. These notes were scanned in and posted here.

Meriam & Kraige Book Solutions Grade: 7.2

Below are the solutions to the book Engineering Mechanics by Meriam & Kraige.

Hartsuiker & Welleman Book Solutions Grade: 7

In the link below, you can find most of the solutions to the book Engineering Mechanics - Stresses, Strains, Displacements by Hartsuiker & Welleman.