Materials and Manufacturing 1

Course code: AE1-701 [Old course]

Lecture Recordings Grade: 5.6

In a previous year, some of the lectures of Materials and Manufacturing 1 have been recorded on video. These "Collegerama" videos can be found by using the links below.

Summary (PDF) Grade: 5.7

Materials and Manufacturing 1 is a subject with a lot of theory. I have not found sufficient time to summarize all data. Therefore only part of all the data has been summarized in the files below.

  • Material Types and Properties (157kb)
    In this file many details on material types and properties have been summarized. Different kinds of properties are explained, and also multiple loading types and their effects have their own paragraph.
  • Materials on an Atomic Level (61kb)
    Most of the data about materials on an atomic level has been summarized in 4 short pages. Small explanations on unit cells, boundary layers, slip systems and dislocation movements are present.
  • Phase Diagrams (76kb)
    This is a relatively short chapter on phase diagrams, explaining the lever rule and precipitation hardening.
Full Version

Summary (Word) Grade: 5.7

  • Materials and Manufacturing Summary (Dutch) (305kb)
    A fellow student send me this file. It contains summarized info about a lot of topics explained in the Callister book. It is probably better than my own unfinished summary. However, it is a word-file and it is written in Dutch.