Linear Algebra

Old course code: WI1277LR - New course code: WI1403LR

Summary Grade: 7.5

Below is a slightly long but very clear summary of the Linear Algebra course.

Facchinelli Summary Grade: 7

Here is another splendid summary for Linear Algebra.

Summary Grade: 6.1

Here is another somewhat older summary. It is split up per chapter, for easy reference.

Full Version

Teacher Summary Grade: 2.3

The files below contain a summary as made by one of the Linear Algebra teachers. It is shorter than the summary above, but things like writing conventions aren't really covered.

Book Solutions Grade: 8

The following files contain solutions of the 3rd edition Linear Algebra book. Note that currently the university is already using the 4th edition book, so question numbers are unlikely to match with your own book.