Introduction to Aerospace Engineering

Old course code: AE1-005 LEC - New course code: AE1101 & AE1102

Course notes Grade: 7

This file contains some carefully written notes of the course. If you already studied for the course, it serves really well as a refresher.

Aerodynamics Files Grade: 8

The files below are from the Bristol Institute of Technology. They contain basic information on Aerodynamics subjects. Not all of the information in the files is part of this course, but they may still come in handy while studying.

Summary Grade: 7.7

The file below contains a summary of the Materials and Structures reader that was posted on BlackBoard. At the end of the file is a formula overview.

Space Exercises Grade: 6.2

The file below contains worked-out versions of the exercises given in the Space lecture slides. So if you weren't able to solve one of these exercises, use the file below.

Aircraft Drawing Basics Grade: 6.5

What are the basic ideas and principles behind technical drawings of aircraft? This slideshow will tell you exactly that.

Formula Overview Grade: 6.5

  • Formulas Overview (43kb)
    This handy file, made for the AE1101 course, gives an overview of all formulas that were treated.

Formulas Grade: 6.2

This file was made for the Introduction to Aerospace Engineering course of the old curriculum. (Perhaps, it is therefore not so helpful for the new curriculum.) At the time, there were 2 parts of the course that contained a lot of formulas. These two parts were the Aerodynamics part and the Propulsion and Performance part. Both parts can be found in the summary below.

Coverage Calculation Grade: 6.8

This file, sent in by one of the users of this website, answers two important questions: How do I calculate the coverage of a satellite? And how many satellites do I need to cover the entire earth?

Exam Solution Manuals Grade: 3.3

Here you find solution manuals of exams. They are created in a joint effort by first-year students, so while they have been checked, they may still contain errors.

Introduction To Flight Book Solutions Grade: 6.1

The files below contain some of the book solutions of the book Introduction to Flight, by Anderson. However, they are the solutions of the fourth edition of the book. But, although this is not the edition that is being used by this course, the files below may still be helpful.