Old course code: AE1-914 II - New course code: AE1203

Problem Solving Guide Grade: 8

  • Problem Solving Guide (113kb)
    Having trouble with solving dynamics problems? Don't even know where to start? Then this problem solving guide might just help you out.

Example Problems Grade: 8.8

The dynamics example problems, that were treated during the studio classroom sessions, have been put in one file for the exam.

  • Example Problems (527kb)
    This file contains a lot of dynamics example problems.

Lecture Recordings Grade: 7.7

  • Dynamics lecture recordings
    In a previous year, the lectures of Dynamics have been recorded on video. These "Collegerama" videos can be found by using the link above.

Summary Grade: 7.4

  • Dynamics Summary (87kb)
    This is a summary of the most basic problem solving methods of dynamics.

Summarized Formula Overview Grade: 7.1

  • Summarized Formula Overview (57kb)
    The most important dynamics equations, which definitely need to be known, are put together in this file. This is the one page that you definitely need to know.

Complete Formula Overview Grade: 6.9

  • Complete Formula Overview (538kb)
    Every equation that has passed by in the dynamics course can be found in this file. Forgot a formula? You can find it in here.

Dynamics Reader Grade: 7

The reader below is used by the Bristol Institute of Technology in their dynamics course. If you're having trouble understanding some parts of your own dynamics book, then this different way of explaining might come in handy.

  • Reader part 1 (686kb)
    Topics include linear motion, angular motion and 2D motion of projectiles
  • Reader part 2 (3.6Mb)
    Topics include Newton's laws, free body diagrams, acceleration and momentum.
  • Reader part 3 (2Mb)
    Topics include rotational energy, angular momentum, centrifugal force and mechanical oscillations

Book Solutions Grade: 8.9

Dynamics certainly is a difficult subject. Practice is absolutely necessary. The dynamics book serves well for that. And in case of any problems the solution manuals might help you figure out what went wrong and learn from your mistakes.

Hibbeler - Twelfth Edition
  • The Book (File removed due to copyright issues)
  • Solutions (76Mb)
Hibbeler - Thirteenth Edition
Bedford and Fowler - Fifth Edition
Meriam and Kraige - Sixth Edition
Meriam and Kraige - Fifth Edition

Calculator Files Grade: 2.4

Having trouble remembering dynamics equations? Well, I received these files for the TI calculator. They contain equations which you can put into your TI calculator. That is, if you have a cable to connect it to your computer.

Want some hints on how to put them on your calculator? Then follow the steps below.

  • Download the three files below.
  • Install TI Connect 1.6
  • Possibly, you need to install drivers for your calculator too. (Connect your calculator to your computer, and have it search for drivers automatically.)
  • Possibly, you might need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.
  • Right-click the file "PIC1.8XI" and choose "Send to TI-device". Do the same for the other files.
  • If all above steps were successful, you can open the files on your calculator. The program is called "PVIEWER" and when you've started the program, you should choose for either Picture 1 or Picture 3.