Aircraft Structures

Course code: AE1-020 II-a [Old course]

Summary Grade: 6.1

While studying for the structures examination, I would advise you to read the reader. But in case time is lacking, the summary on this page provides about 90% of the information in about 10% of the time.

  • Aircraft Structures Summary (103kb)


    This file contains the most important data from the reader and the lectures.

Definitions Grade: 6.7

Besides studying the summary, it is also wise to study the list of definitions at the end of the reader. That list has also been put here, in a slightly bigger font than the reader.

Old Exams Grade: 8

  • Old Exams (670kb)
    This file contains several scanned-in exams of the Aircraft Structures course. (No answers are included: The circles in the file aren't the correct answers.)