Aircraft Performance

Course code: AE1-020 II-b [Old course]

Lecture Recordings Grade: 8

  • Aircraft Performance lecture recordings


    In a previous year, the lectures of Aircraft Performance have been recorded on video. These "Collegerama" videos can be found by using the link above.

Summary Grade: 5.7

Couldn't find any order in the Aircraft Performance lectures? The files below contain the subjects discussed during the lectures, in a summarized form.

  • Thermodynamics (71kb)
    Thermodynamics is all about heat and how it changes over time. The basic equations of thermodynamics can be found in this file.
  • Propulsion (118kb)
    Why do engines give thrust, and how much thrust do they give? That's what we'll be looking at in this file.
  • Flight Mechanics (89kb)
    How do the thrust and drag relate to eachother? How should we fly to use as little fuel as possible? Those are questions answered in this file.
  • Aircraft Limits (114kb)
    Aircrafts can not fly at infinite speeds and heights. At what velocity and height can they fly? That's what this file is all about.
  • Helicopters (49kb)
    This file contains the most important data about helicopter performance and control.
  • Measurement Devices (64kb)
    How does a pilot know at which velocity his airplane is flying and what its altitude is? Look for the answers to those questions in this file.
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